Come chill out in our Abbot Kinney showroom, have some laughs, sip on champagne and browse our unique selection of effortless bridal looks. Our carefully selected designers from around the world offer the latest made-to-order gowns, ready to wear, accessories and lingerie that are sure to make you feel like a babe.


made to order gowns

Stone Fox Bride

Price Range: $3,000-$7,000
The Vibe: For the bride who never thought she would get married but is secretly loving this engagement thing. Wearing nothing but her signature scent and chamomile tucked into her loose side braid. She's having the party in her crazy aunt's backyard with spicy margaritas flowing and a live band playing all night.
Our Gowns: Lucinda, Valentina, Glenda Chloe, Paloma, Evelyn, Bali, Paloma


Price Range: $1800 - $3,500
The Vibe: For the Bride who met her fiancé after sneaking into the VIP tent at a festival. The intimate courthouse vows are followed by a wild rooftop reception complete with a disco ball installation and vintage photo booth. Picture with messy waves and a leather jacket.
OurGowns: Brigitte, Bianca, Radiohead, Smith, LA, MIA, Edith, Tereshkova, Mapei, Kahlo, Florence 


Delphine Manivet

Price Range: $2,200-$5,000
The Vibe: For the bride who fell in love ten times during her summer in Paris. She lives on red wine and Camembert and worships Godard. Picture with a simple lily of the valley bouquet, pearl studs and that je ne sais quoi. 
Our Gowns: Hyppolite, Landrin, Malo Top, Yves Skirt, Jonah, Sanson, Florent, Achille, Anatole, Archibald Top

Alexandra Grecco

Price Range: $1900-$3,300
The Vibe: For the bride who loves craft cocktails and date nights at the Vista Theatre. Her winter wedding at The Last Bookstore features a six piece band and a coffee stand by Four Barrel. She accessorizes with a gold floral comb tucked into her effortless up-do, bright eyes and a mischievous smile. 
Our Gowns: Arlington, Astrid, Annika Cape, Aveline. Savannah, Genevieve, Adele, Maia, Esra Cami, Lula Top, Lya Skirt, Simone.


Odylyne The Ceremony

Price Range: $2,000-$4,200
The Vibe: For the bride who is a true individual . She collects crystals and smudges her house regularly but still likes hotdogs and whiskey. She's the fashionable risk taker of the group wearing strappy leather sandals, both arms full of bracelets and a handmade headpiece of quartz and feathers. 
Our Gowns: Lady Wren, Caroline, Emma, Holocene, Ophelia, Alyse, Bardot, Lyonese, Monrose.

Anais Anette

Price Range: $1,700-$2,850
The Vibe: For the bride who wears a lace trimmed cathedral length veil for the ceremony but ditches her shoes by the reception so she can dance on the
tables. She may or may not have an ex
at the wedding but only has eyes for her betrothed. Picture with delicate jewels and naughty underpinnings.
Our Gowns: Savannah, Sage, Elodie, Celeste, Florence, Amelie.


Donatelle Godart 

Price Range: $3000-$4,600
The Vibe: She's a hopeless romantic
with a rock and roll edge. She accessorizes with sun kissed skin, vintage ankle boots and a gold headband. After reciting Love Poems by Pablo Neruda, she joins the acoustic band for an impromptu karaoke session that goes all night.
Our Gowns: A Glimpse, All Is Truth, The Age of Innocence, Love Love Love, A Place in the Sun, Mouvement, Nous deux, Je t’aime, Par un baiser, Mouvement. 

Marquise Bridal

Price Range: $1,8000-$2,000
The Vibe: For the bride who is getting married at her friends art gallery in Highland Park. She rocks a bold red lip and sky high heels while dancing to vinyl. The after party at the dive bar next door goes until dawn.
Our Gowns: Jocelyn Skirt, Jocelyn bodysuit, Monique Tee. 

Bebas Closet

Price Range: $2400 - $3700
The Vibe: For the bride who has has mastered the balance of high brow and high street, effortlessly rocking Balenciaga with Zara.  Her 250 guest country club wedding ends with guests streaking though the golf course sprinklers. Picture with a fat Neil Lane sparkler and a coquettish air. 
Gowns In Store: Ines, Luisa , Sandra, Tasha. 

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